How do you engineer a piece of Nice Artwork?

How do you engineer a piece of Nice Artwork?

-Take into consideration what you wish to make.

-Take into consideration how you’re going to make it. -Think about how the processes and instruments you may use to execute your concept can inform and alter it in a conceptual or aesthetically significant means.

-Alter your idea or design accordingly.

-Repeat this course of till your concept and it’s course of issues attain an equilibrium, a state the place every totally enhances and reinforces the opposite with out dissonance or vital compromise.

-Now go make it. 

Video notes: I did my finest with this course of video. Designing, engineering, and fabricating a piece this advanced is kind of a feat in itself, being my very own videographer and editor on prime of that was typically a stretch. I often missed a step, bought a poor shot, or the standard suffered not directly (hey, I’m one particular person). There have been occasions when making certain that the fabrication course of at hand was profitable took precedence over filming. That is very true on the finish after I was assembling the sculpture. I simply wanted to place all my power into rigorously assembling this factor with out destroying months of labor, and so I missed a whole lot of that course of. All and all, I feel it’s nonetheless an satisfying experience although. Thanks for watching.