Reality in Nature – Summer season

Summer season

Reality in Nature


A Walk to the Water, 12 x 12", Oil, © J.M. Hulsey
A Stroll to the Water                   12 x 12″                   Oil

  John is getting ready for a serious solo exhibition on the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Artwork titled, “Transcendence: Reality in Nature.” In the midst of writing concerning the work for the exhibition catalog, he walks the reader via the 4 seasons and the inspiration and challenges they bring about to the panorama painter.

   This week, we wished to share a few of his ideas and work about Summer season with you.

   “Once we lived and painted at the next latitude on the Hudson River, I used to be instantly conscious of the decrease angle of the solar there—an angle which elevated all these fascinating features of sunshine on the panorama which might be lacking in summer time right here. The summer time solar was by no means straight overhead. The “golden hours” of morning and night mild lasted longer and helped me perceive totally the work of The Hudson River Faculty. Discovering topics to color any time of day there was not tough. The sunshine the place we dwell now within the Midwest is considerably totally different. The solar in summer time is extra straight overhead all through the center of every day. The sunshine may be very brilliant and harsh, which might get rid of essential mid-range tonal subtleties and make it arduous to see. Shadows may be lowered in additional open areas to almost nothing as are perspective and distance cues, making the painter’s job extra of a problem. Portray the summer time day right here requires extra work to discover a appropriate topic and sometimes a distinct approach of deciphering the panorama in pictorial phrases. This has lead me to new options and new varieties of images.”

The Studio Boat II, Oil, 9 x 12", © J.M. Hulsey
The Studio Boat II                   9 x 12″                    Oil

   We invite you to ship us your ideas on portray within the direct overhead mild of Summer season!


Transcendence: Reality in Nature by John Hulsey
Summer season

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